The yute is one of the main trends in women's footwear, which will allow you to be fashionable and show off your style, while enjoying a greater comfort and freshness that will make you feel as if you were wearing nothing at all.

We love them, and we have prepared a wide collection of yute shoes for women in which you will find a wide variety of options to choose from, with which you will be able to create incredible looks for the spring - summer season.

Made with the best materials and with unique designs, come in and let yourself be conquered by the collection of women's yute shoes online that we have prepared for you. You'll want to wear them all.

Women's yutes online

The yute has become a fashionable material, providing elegance and comfort, and collaborating with the preservation of the environment.

The yute is a very popular material in the streets, and at Lodi you will find flat jutes ideal for day-to-day wear, offering maximum comfort.

You also have wedge yutes, which will give you those extra centimetres you are looking for without sacrificing comfort, and platform yutes, which are the most modern and trendy version, which will allow you to create the most daring and original looks. Which ones do you choose?

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